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Here are some links to the websites of friends of Different Drummers...
(Page presently being revamped and updated)

The Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival

The Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival is held in Uxbridge, Mass each August and is sponsored by four drum circle facilitators.

They drum like masters and sing like angels. Still my favorite percussion group.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to drum with Different Drummers on nights when Shamou joins us knows what an incredible musician he is. Look for his band, "Loopin"

Friends' Drum Circles:

Drumfish Drum Circle, Fairhaven, Mass.

This is the "Massachusetts circle" that people hear me refer to so often. Where it all began.
I still try to coordinate any trips to Mass. with their drumming nights.

Favorite Drum Teachers:

Favorite Vendors:

Mallets and Beaters*: Healing Heart Drums (Rick Cormier).

*DDDC discount on mallets or beaters for anyone who drums with me.

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